The Benefits of Changing Your Car’s Engine Air Filter

May 19, 2021 By prezauto
Changing An Engine Air Filter | Delray Beach, FL

When it comes to recommended maintenance, there’s no task big or small that you should overlook. Changing your engine air filter on a regular basis is an important step to proper vehicle health and performance, and doing so provides numerous benefits.

Better fuel economy

If you go too long between engine air filter changes, you could wind up paying more money at the pump. A dirty filter makes it difficult for air to flow through your engine properly, which drives up the amount of fuel consumed. The result: more stops at the gas station because you’re getting less mileage per gallon.

When you change your air filter as needed, your engine is empowered to perform as it should. And if you have a big summer road trip on the schedule, it can make quite a difference.

Consistent performance

You want your car to perform consistently every time you start it up and get on the road. But with a dirty air filter, that’s not what you’ll get. An old air filter can leave you dealing with slow and sluggish starts, rough idling, and fluctuating horsepower.

Replacing your air filter helps prevent these issues from happening. A healthy engine is a happy engine, and it’s one that ensures better performance that you can count on when you need it.

If you need an air filter replacement, Presidential Auto Sales, Service & Leasing in Delray Beach, Florida, has you covered. Bring your luxury vehicle into our service center, and we’ll make sure that you have the tools you need to enjoy your big getaway this summer.