Tips for Maintaining Your Used Luxury Car

March 1, 2021 By prezauto
Mercedes-Benz Service & Wash | Delray Beach, FL

Once you’ve selected the perfect used luxury car from Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales, it’s vital that you keep up with maintenance in order to keep it in solid condition. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your used luxury car.

Schedule regular service

Keeping up with a regular service schedule is the most important thing you can do to ensure the longevity of your luxury vehicle. Don’t just wait until something goes wrong. Check your owner’s manual and follow the suggested service schedule.

Clean the seats

Maintain the interior of your gorgeous luxury ride with regular cleaning. Vacuum the seats, floors, and crevices of your car at least twice a week to keep it spotless. Wipe leather surfaces with a microfiber cloth and a gentle leather cleaner.

Drive carefully

Be extra cautious of potholes and bumps in the road when you’re driving through Delray Beach, Florida. And, remember to drive more carefully during pop-up thunderstorms since the roads may become slick.

Wash and wax

Ensure your luxury vehicle shines in the sun by giving it regular exterior cleanings. Get it washed regularly and try to wax it at least once every six months for optimum shine.

To keep your vehicle in top condition for longer, be sure to also schedule regular service appointments at Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales.