How to Maintain Your Car When You’re Driving It Less

October 16, 2020 By prezauto
2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder 15

There are many reasons why your car could sit idle in your garage or driveway for long periods of time. Whether it is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, seasonal downtime, or a slower pace of life during retirement, your car could fall behind on miles. Here are some tips to keep your car healthy when you’re driving it less.

Tire check

Car tires lose air over time, so you should check your tire pressures regularly. If your car hasn’t moved for even 30 days, your tires could get flat spots. In order to prevent deterioration, use devices like jack stands to take some weight off the wheels. Before you hit the road again, be sure to carefully inspect the tires.

Oil change

Temperature changes can impact your vehicle’s oil, especially if you’re not driving as often. In that case, you should change the oil every six months instead of on a mileage-based schedule. To be safe, change the oil before starting it for the first time to remove any water condensation from the oil.

Good fuel

If you know your car won’t be moving for an extended period of time, you should fill up the gas tank beforehand to reduce condensation inside the tank. Gasoline should last about six months if the tank is full. Remember to schedule your vehicle’s seasonal maintenance appointment here at Presidential Auto. You can also call us if you have any questions about servicing your vehicle.